April 20, 2012
Day 18*

Day two into my search for this asshole. Heard a noise last night so I decided not to sleep up in the trees, instead of building a fire. Froze my ass off. I’ve been finding more of my snares cut. Not only that, but I found a deadhead stumbling about with one of my rope necklaces ‘round her neck. She charged at me, but a vine had wrapped around her foot and sent her sprawling. Snapped her ankle good and proper, so it was easy for me to string ‘er back up Damn journalist is out of his fucking gourd. Deadhead or not, if he gives me any shit, I’m running him up the flagpole once I get my hands on him.

I keep getting a weird feeling that I’m being watched. Don’t like it. It could just be some of the local wildlife. I did bring my long rifle with me, but this feels more like intelligent eyes scoping me out. I think must be close. Boy, you better have one helluva good excuse. For your sake.


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